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The Power of Being Human!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

There are 11 different systems of the human body:

  1. Skeletal System

  2. Muscular System

  3. Endocrine System

  4. Nervous System

  5. Circulatory System

  6. Respiratory System

  7. Lymphatic System

  8. Digestive System

  9. Integument System

  10. Urinary System/Renal System

  11. Reproductive System

Look at how many different ways you can learn, absorb, and harvest information. You have been given the ability to expand into the universe and keep in touch with the most microscopic points of your human experience. We can look all around to see what individuals have done to revolutionize the way all of us experience life.

I want you to reflect on your power as a human being. Remember, you are genetically made up of every ancestor that has come before you. Tap into the collective conscious in tangent with your cellular memory and remember who you are. YOU ARE A POWERFUL HUMAN BEING!


Unfold in me the awareness to realize and actualize my human capabilities.

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