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Small Things

Small Things:

When it concerns the small things that arise...the kind of small things that bothers you and you don’t have time to think about how much it bothers you until it’s one way to approach it and resolve it.

Give yourself three days or more to work through it with the following intention:

  1. Permission to feel bothered (angry, frustrated, offended, etc.)

  2. Alchemy - transmute a negative feeling into useful energy, such as understanding, compassion, forgiveness, etc.

  3. Recall on ‘Teacher Mosquito’ - giving agitation and irritation 10-15 minute expiration; most sensations such as a mosquito ‘bite’ last anywhere from 10-15 minutes...according to my stop-watch, if you DON’T scratch! Ha!

  4. Power of a Pause - Mild to moderate to deep breathing can be the saving grace and solution to many problems. When you supply the brain with an additional source of oxygen you can and will enhance the power to respond, show-up, and or participate in the moment at hand. Remember, an equal match for chaos can be self-control. Sometimes holding the breath can short-circuit certain undesirable responses.

  5. Harvest Data - Be intentional about what you learn about yourself, the situation and the person or thing involved. Your insight and or organs should have been gathering information about the matter at hand. Listen and harvest your greater good in ‘it’.

  6. Cycles and Waves - be aware that the agitation may come in waves from the morning, mid-day, or night time; continue to wash-rinse-repeat the above steps to work the alchemy or medicine into your consciousness.


I take a progressive evolutionary step, guided by wisdom, to unfold my highest good.

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