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Changing Your Ecology of Awareness

How are you participating in the ecology of your awareness? Is it supporting your evolution? Do you normally feel chaos, confusion, anger, anxiety and depression? If so, consider what you are thinking about. Consider what's floating in your mind on a regular. If you are the passive 'thinker' that believes development is inevitable, think again. We have to choose to participate. We have to choose to eat and drink to live. No different from choosing to make the proper investments into your Eco-field of awareness to live a transformed lifestyle.


I participate in the ecology of my awareness by intentionalizing & implementing:

  1. Wisdom

  2. Light

  3. Harmony

  4. Balance

  5. Truth

  6. Knowledge

  7. Love

  8. Order

  9. Peace

  10. Freedom

  11. Truth

  12. Self-Mastery

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