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Show me my it!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

You wake up and before you can even get your foot out of bed or roll off of the floor, you are bombarded with an abundance of 'to-do-list'. That's not completely 'un-good'; however, underneath all of the things that are grabbing for your attention intentionalize reaching into your container of courage by way of a few deep breaths.

Out of your courage, materilize the ability to assess your skill-sets as if you were in Iron Man's lair and the Jarvis interface began to project, in 4D hologram style, all the capabilities you possessed; use all levels of intelligence and choose what is required! Keep in mind, you may have to switch out, combine, or emerge new skills throughout the day. This can be accomplished through the power of wisdom and discernment. Remember, no matter what your 'it' is, you can do it!! Make room for your SUPERPOWERS!!!


Show me my SUPERPOWER in 'it'!

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