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Is Your Mind Connected To Your Body?

'Massage is about putting you in contact with your body and honoring your younger-self.'

-Rodrick Chambers

At this early stage of my career as a Massage Therapist, I realize that each time I massage a client I, normally, naturally, intentionalize providing a therapeutic touch that places the client in connection with their body. Okay, it seems like a 'no-brainer' but I never thought about how, alone, we cannot make contact with all of our body; the back (posterior), in particular.

One could translate this to mean it was never intended for us to 'do' life alone. Furthermore, when we are touched by trusted hands in areas we cannot touch alone, in addition to our entire body, we really stimulate deep levels of healing as well as deep levels of innate intelligence. How so, you may ask? For starters, we evoke our minds to recall the last time we've been touched, therapeutically. Then it's easy to find ourselves moving into a vulnerable space of connecting the physical touch with the emotional touch. And if you have yet to connect and unfold the intelligence of your emotions I encourage you to...just let it happen!

Which leads me to my other perspective and that's '...honoring your inner-youth'. I, normally, get a visual of my clients as youth. The primary reason for this is children or babies, require touch in order to survive. In fact, every human, child or adult, requires touch; without it, our health can suffer greatly! Touch Deprivation is a real thing.

Anyways, it's that youth I am mindful of...I feel compelled to seek the approval of that inner-youth to guide me on how to best provide that therapeutic touch. As I imagine this, you would be amazed as I can see the clients bodies, literally, become more 'tense-free'.

Now, most of the aforementioned is my experience, might I remind you, and an interesting way I am projecting my experiences onto clients. All this to say...IT'S TIME YOU SCHEDULE YOUR MASSAGE.

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