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Boost Your Energy! Lower Stress!


When you are encountering a problem start an intra-dialogue with yourself by using these sentence starters.

I think…

I feel…

How did you complete these sentence starters? Pay attention to how your body responds to the starters. This is a technique to start discerning when you are in your head about something or when you are in your heart. One the most powerful techniques is achieving coherence between the heard-brain and heart-brain. There’s plenty of research that supports that when coherence is achieved between these two faculties, alone, one can achieve minimizing stress, anxiety, and other life subtracting qualities.

Located below are a few proven and measured affirmations by an emwave monitor that achieves coherence for me.

Affirmation (You can silently meditate on these; refer to the image above):

  1. I am loved (11/18/20)

  2. I return to my genesis. My original purpose. (Boost coherence off the charts: 11/27/20)


Consider the combination of words within your consciousness ‘ecosystem’ that will promote coherence for you. In other words, what works for me may not work for you.

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