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The Black Blazer Book is an anthology of phenomenal men co-authors. These men took the time to prepare and write their chapters to inspire and encourage other men to be great and achieve their goals. The chapters are about their bios, lifestyles, goals, families, travels, and things that make them the perfect role models to support men empowerment and entrepreneurs. The goal of the first volume of The Black Blazer anthology is to inspire, uplift, and encourage other men to write a book or anthology to impact other men. Listed are the names of Contributing Authors in The Black Blazer book Vol.1: Asgar Mahomed, Saf Buxby, MJ Tolan, Kenrick McDonald, Jonathan Tarrant, Rodrick Chambers, Tiberius Boy, Joseph Boy, Darryl Horton, Terrance Leftridge, Dr. Hassan Younes, David Adams, Tommy Willis, Spencer Muldrow, Mikey Adam Cohen, Brandon Pillay, Ken Rochon, Roman Mosqueda, Apostle Hezekiah Shirley, and Pedro Frias.



The Black Blazer - Men Entrepreneurs "Blazing To Success"

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