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The Harmonic Essence Therapy Presents The HAPPY Book is “The Potency Pill With Sugar”. It is the “kick-start” to the transformation you've been seeking. That said, readers are sure to laugh, cry, and receive education, all at once. It was said by Dr. Nteri Nelson that our times require high potency wisdom. This book answers that call. HAPPY is an acronym for Health, Awareness, Potential, Positivity, and Your Best Life. HAPPY is the mantra and heartbeat of the H2O - Healing 2 Optimization movement, which the author is CEO, Mr. Rodrick Chambers-Sims. In fact, the mission and philosophy of H2O is to increase HAPPY. Mr. Chambers-Sims’ unique blend of therapy known as the Harmonic Essence Therapy is a nutritional massage infused with sound healing that compares to none. What he accomplishes in the HAPPY Book is marrying readers' understanding of the “ebb and flow” and pulse of the Harmonic Essence Therapy. Furthermore, his approach to handling complex and sensitive topics, such as the ones found in HAPPY will leave the reader laughing their way into transformation, while also being imbued with knowledge and wisdom. Readers, let this book be an invitation to make your body, mind, and soul a safe haven, where you are no longer attempting to escape. The author’s greatest accomplishment is to see his readers and clients truly living their best life.

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Harmonic Essence Therapy Presents The H.A.P.P.Y Book

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