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Intro - Join me as I share with you some personal stories of my successes and mainly failures. This book focuses on empowerment, while aiming to equip you with insight to transform your narrative(s) around your failures, disappointments, and regrets. In addition to reiterating the importance of incorporating all kinds of therapies into one’s personal healing process. I also include a workbook for your benefit, so we can journey together on this pathway. You’ll find questions that bring you right into your ‘real-time’ opportunity working with and through reality. The pages in this book and workbook will confront and charge you to live life on the next level. Are you ready?! You must be, if you’ve read to this point! Make your purchase TODAY!  Click here.

Almost Doesn't Count Or Does It? Workbook and Book

  • If you are looking to add to your healing resources you want to invest in Almost Doesn't Count Or Does it? This book is for that teenager or young adult transitioning into the next stage of life; however, anybody can read and be motivated to look deeper within, while reading the pages of Almost Doesn't Count Or Does It?

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