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Introducing the eagerly awaited 2024-2025 Prophetic Calendar from H2O - Healing 2 Optimization, LLC, designed to guide you through the upcoming year with clarity, purpose, and spiritual insight. Crafted by renowned Spiritual Coach Rodrick Chambers-Sims, this calendar is not just a tool for tracking dates but a holistic roadmap for navigating life's journey. At H2O, our mission is to reduce SAD (stress, anxiety, and depression) while enhancing your H.A.P.P.Y (Health, Awareness, Possibility, Potentially Your Best Life), and this calendar embodies that ethos.Drawing from a rich tapestry of wisdom traditions, the 2024-2025 Prophetic Calendar seamlessly blends astrological insights, the ancient wisdom of the Yoruba Orishas, and the timeless wisdom of Christian Biblical scriptures. Each month is carefully curated to align with celestial energies, spiritual archetypes, and divine guidance. Whether you seek empowerment, healing, or enlightenment, let this calendar become a part of your daily affirmations, rituals, and meditations to support your journey.This calendar represents the culmination of Rodrick Chambers-Sims's personal scholastic journey and years of research into ancient arts and spiritual traditions. As the second installment in our series of Prophetic calendars, dating back to 2014, it serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking to unlock their fullest potential. Embrace the wisdom within these pages and embark on a transformative journey towards greater fulfillment, purpose, and spiritual awakening.

2024-2025 Prophetic Calendar: Astro-African Blends

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